Goldnugget - Wild West

Goldnugget - Wild West 1.0.1

Explorer adventure game

Goldnugget - Wild West is a fun and challenging adventure game. The player takes on the role of Nugget, a gold digger and treasure hunter extraordinaire.

You will search for the ultimate treasure by digging through countless old mine shafts and caves. You have to try your best to avoid deadly traps and going through mind boggling labyrinths.

This program also provides high quality equipment such as a dynamite-infusion-shovel and climbing gear for you to reach even the most hidden spots.

Goldnugget – Wild West features creative hand drawn graphics and uses light and shadows. If you can beat the Highscore and fill your shelf with trophies, you can use your accumulated wealth to buy upgraded equipment.

You can then explore a vast underground world filled with secret passages and gold veins in search of the greatest treasure of all, Goldnugget.

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Goldnugget - Wild West


Goldnugget - Wild West 1.0.1

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